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Zodi Camp Shower Gives You 10 Minutes Of Hot Water


By Luke Anderson

When I go camping, I like to stick to a tent and a sleeping bag, rather than taking a big RV like some people tend to do. I like not being troubled by all of the extras and just enjoying nature. Unfortunately after a few days of enjoying nature, one can get a very unnatural smell. A lot of campgrounds have showering facilities, but if you’re out in the wild, you won’t be as fortunate. If you are still wanting to take a nice hot shower now and then, I suggest investing in one of these Zodi Camp Showers.

The shower holds enough hot water for you to get a good 10-minute shower, which should improve your smell considerably. The water can be adjusted up to 100 degrees and is heated with small propane tanks while the pump is powered by 4 D batteries. That hot shower comes at a hefty price, $90 to be exact.

[ SportsmansGuide ] VIA [ UberReview ]

  • Joe Murphy

    Surely that should be a 'very natural smell'?

  • camping atYellowstone

    Nice product, I want that. Taking a bath when camping is really a big problem because water was so cold that's nice.