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The Key Thing Sure Beats A Boring Key Hook

The Key Thing Sure Beats A Boring Key Hook


By Luke Anderson

I’m sure that everyone has wasted a good portion of their lives trying to find their keys. They only seem to disappear when you’re running late. I recall that when I finally hung up a key hook by my door, I seemed to have a better time keeping track of them, though it took a while to get used to hanging them up every day. I think it would help if you had something a little more interesting than some plain hooks for your keys. Something like this Key Thing for instance.

Rather than just tossing your keys on a small table or hanging them on a boring hook, you actually stick one of them into a small rubber grip on this half-sphere. Sure, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but it is a bit different. It’s just a concept for now, but it seems simple enough that it might just get made into a full-fledged product someday.

VIA [ Yanko ]