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Sony Develops A Compact, High Speed Vein Authentication System, Calls It ‘mofiria’ For Some Reason

Sony mofiria (Image courtesy Sony)
By Andrew Liszewski

Today Sony announced their new finger vein authentication technology dubbed ‘mofiria’ that’s not only designed to be fast and extremely accurate, but is also compact enough to integrate into mobile devices like laptops or even mobile phones. The system uses near infrared LEDs on one side of the finger, and a CMOS sensor on the other which diagonally captures the scattered light inside the finger veins. And the diagonal aspect is important since it allows the system to be as flat as current fingerprint scanners are, making it easy to integrate into almost any device.

Obviously you won’t be seeing the ‘mofiria’ system in any of Sony’s gear in the near future, but the company aims to commercialize the technology within the 2009 fiscal year. So that news should make the shareholders happy right?

[ PR – Sony Develops Compact Sized, High Speed, High Accuracy Finger Vein Authentication Technology Dubbed “mofiria” ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]