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SOLiCharger iPhone Charger

SOLiCharger iPhone Charger

SOLiCharger (Image courtesy Simply Brilliant)
By Andrew Liszewski

Yep, the iPhone isn’t exactly a champ when it comes to battery life, and here’s yet another way to keep it running should you find yourself lacking an external power source. The SOLiCharger is nothing more than a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that’s capable of giving your iPhone up to a 50% full charge, which should be enough for a few hours of heavy use. It can be recharged via a USB connection or plugged into the wall, but if you’re lacking either of those options the SOLiCharger also features a solar cell on one side that can recharge the battery in about 4 hours when placed in direct sunlight. And best of all it’s just $39.95 on the SolLight website.

[ SOLiCharger ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]