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Lumina Italia Ra Desk Lamp

Lumina Italia Ra Desk Lamp


By Evan Ackerman

Designed by Ettore Cimini of Lumina Italia, the Ra desk lamp takes the prize for piece of furniture my pet snake would most like to have sex with. It’s sexy enough to get me pretty turned on as well, with those two sinuous and rather dangerous looking arms. The light coming from the ends of the arms actually originates from a single 100 watt bulb at the base of the lamp… Fiber optic cables run from the base up through each arm, channeling light from the bulb up and out the ends of the lamp. The light can be dimmed, and red, blue, or green filters can be used, all controlled by touching the lamp’s base.


The Ra desk lamp is a designer piece, so if you have to ask about the price (and you do have to ask), don’t ask.

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