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Skeleflex T-Rex Powerflex Lab – With That Much ‘Ex’ It’s Gotta Be Cool

Skeleflex T-Rex Powerflex Lab (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The Skeleflex system looks like another building toy along the lines of LEGO, Construx, Ramagon, K’nex, etc., except that the ‘building blocks’ are actually various skeletal pieces that connect with snap-together ball joints, making them flexible and movable. Hence the name, Skeleflex. Most of the creations appear to be kid-powered, except for this T-Rex that can be strapped into a powered base making it appear to menacingly stomp around and thrash its head about. Now it seems like kind of a morbid toy to me, but I guess kids have to learn about skeletons from somewhere, and it’s better than learning about them on the street.

The T-Rex Powerflex Lab is available from for about $32, but smaller sets are also available.

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