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Henchman’s Helper Website

Henchman’s Helper Website

Henchman's Helper (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

At one time or another everyone’s dreamed of becoming an evil criminal mastermind who takes over the world. And thanks to late night re-runs of Pinky and the Brain airing where I live, these thoughts have been occupying my mind more than ever. But I’ve come to accept that the demands of becoming a world leader by force are more than I’m willing to take on, and to make that realization easier to bear I’ve been spending my days staring at, imagining what could’ve been.

It’s really nothing more than a collection of animated weather map gifs and webcams embedded into a wall of old-timey-looking CRT TVs, but it really does make you feel like you’re hanging out in your secret lair, keeping an eye out for intruders and wondering how your weather control machine is coming along. Sigh… Maybe the local college offers a night course on dictatorships or totalitarianism?… There’s still time right?… right?

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