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‘Starry Sky Navigator’ To Use The New DS Direction Sensing Card

‘Starry Sky Navigator’ To Use The New DS Direction Sensing Card

Starry Sky Navigator (Image courtesy AstroArts Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Last week it was discovered that Nintendo had registered a trademark in Japan for a “DS Houi Sensor Card” that could be used to detect the direction in which a DS user was pointing. Since that time there’s been a lot of speculation as to which games would take advantage of this card, and how they’d use it. Well it turns out the first game to use the new technology is actually a stargazing app called Hoshizora Navi (aka Starry Night Navigator) from a Japanese developer called AstroArts.

The ‘game’ includes data for 9,300 stars, planets, suns and moons from as far back as 1900 to as far ahead as 2099, allowing you to see what the sky looked like while your parents and even grandparents were using boring old telescopes. The direction sensing card will be used to automatically orient the game’s star charts so what you see in the sky matches what you see on-screen, allowing you to click on various constellations or celestial objects for more detailed information. Hoshizora Navi will go on sale in Japan on March 26 for a rather steep $90.

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