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Motion Tracking Web Camera

Motion Tracking Web Camera

The Motion Tracking Web Camera (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

Under the right circumstances, I’m sure this motion tracking web camera could be handy for catching something in the act, but if you’re buying one with the hopes of foiling a burglary attempt or some other nefarious crime, you’ll probably be out of luck. It’s capable of capturing 640×480 videos at 30 frames per second which can be streamed and monitored remotely over the internet, and when motion is detected, the camera is able to pan 180° and tilt up to 60° in order to automatically track the moving object. And in the event something is detected, the included software can be set to send you a notification email allowing you to immediately check the video feed and even take manual control of the camera.

But in order for it to work you’ll need to leave your PC or laptop running with the camera connected, and odds are that’ll be the first target a would-be thief would go for. So unless you’re lucky enough to see the perp before they grab your hardware, your $89.95 investment might not be so worthwhile.

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