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Yes Or No Watch Makes Everything Simple

Yes Or No Watch Makes Everything Simple


By Evan Ackerman

From now on, whenever you need to make a decision, just look at the Decider (actually called “Mr. Jones The New Decider”) watch. Every second, “YES” or “NO” are alternately displayed in a little magnified window on the face of the watch. Bam, there, done, decision made. Guaranteed to make life more interesting, if possibly shorter.

If that kind of spontaneity scares you (and it scares the dickens out of me), try this: use the Decider watch to make an instant, random decision for you. If you catch yourself feeling relieved, it was the right decision. If you’re disappointed or anxious, you know to go the other way. Of course, this technique works just as well with a penny, which is about $179.98 cheaper than the watch is.

Available now, in a limited edition of 100.

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