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Fast Finger Keyboards For You Hunt & Peck Types

Fast Finger Keyboards For You Hunt & Peck Types

Fast Finger Keyboard (Image courtesy Fast Finger Keyboards)
By Andrew Liszewski

How many times have you snatched a keyboard away from a non-typist friend or family member because you couldn’t stand the agonizing wait while they sat there and searched for the next letter? Well Faith Quintavell experienced a similar thing while waiting for a mechanic to type in the details for a long line of “impatient clients.” But instead of flipping out and just doing it herself, the experience inspired her to create the Fast Finger Keyboard which features the keys laid out alphabetically, making them easier to find. And as an added bonus, the function keys across the top of the keyboard also double as shortcuts for common prefixes like ‘www’ or the ‘@’ symbol, as well as common IM abbreviations.

Normally I’d recommend that everyone should invest the time to become a touch typist as it’s most definitely a useful skill these days, but I’ve come to realize that isn’t going to happen. So for just $27.95, this is at least an affordable alternative.

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