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Wreak Havoc In The Office With A DIY Trebuchet Kit

Wreak Havoc In The Office With A DIY Trebuchet Kit


By Luke Anderson

I’m convinced that I would go completely mad if I had to work in a cubicle all day. The urge to knock down the barricades that wall me in would likely only be surpassed by the desire to throw random objects into the other tiny squares. I’d give myself two weeks until I got myself fired for one of the aforementioned reasons. Now if I was trying to get myself fired, I would do so with the assistance of one of these awesome DIY trebuchets.

I think the best way to go about this sort of task is to start off on Monday by bringing in your kit as discreetly as possible. This shouldn’t be too difficult, as the model will only end up being 26-inches tall. Just toss your coat over the box and you’re good. It will probably take around 2 hours to construct if you pace yourself. This is just enough time to work on it for a half hour during your lunch break. As the week progresses, people will no doubt take an interest in your handy work. Thankfully not everyone knows exactly what a trebuchet is, so you could probably convince them that it’s a really crappy car or something.

Once Friday hits, you’ll be ready to have some fun. Make sure that you have plenty of ammo ready, because you’re going to want to get as many shots in as you can before being escorted out of the building. I’d suggest using something like candy, as it will be less disruptive, and some people might be convinced that it’s simply someone in the cubicle next to them trying to be funny. This will allow you to fire off several into different cubicles (up to 20 feet away) and thus slowly bringing a good portion of your office to a grinding halt. As you start hitting the same people a second or third time, they’re going to start poking their head up to see where the stuff is coming from. If you can be discreet, keep an eye out for this, and stop firing. Repeat this until enough people have been roused. Then pick a target that is known for being loud and unruly. Keep firing on this person until they’ve been thoroughly annoyed, and they should make enough of a commotion to get the attention of everyone. Once you’ve had enough fun, just start firing off at will until you either run out of ammo or are escorted out by security.

Sure, that’s a bit elaborate for a simple office prank. Plus there are smaller and cheaper ones out there (such as this one from a few years ago). But seriously, if you’re going to go out, why not go out in a way that no one will ever forget. To me, that’s a $40 well spent.

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