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Go Retro With A Classic Transformers Wristwatch

Go Retro With A Classic Transformers Wristwatch

By Luke Anderson

I loved Transformers just as much as the next kid when I was in school. I had a pretty sweet Optimus Prime and a few others, but not the massive collections that some people did. Well if you’re obsessive about your robots in disguise, here’s a collectible that you might not have gotten your hands on when it debuted back in 1983.

This very dated timepiece is more than meets the eye. As you’ve no doubt discerned from the previous paragraph, it is really a Transformer. With a few twists here and turns there, you’ve got yourself a tiny robot ready to kick some ass (very tiny ass). Back in 1983 there was a transforming watch called Kronoform. I believe we covered this a few years back. Well it seems that Takara Tomy has decided to re-release this watch in two versions. One is a Cybertron Autoceptor and the other a Destron Time Limit. You can pick these up sometime in August for just shy of $300.

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