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MP3 Player Grenade Will Attract Unwanted Attention

MP3 Player Grenade Will Attract Unwanted Attention


By Luke Anderson

Are you looking for a way to instill panic and fear into those nearby with only your MP3 player? Sure, you could go out and buy yourself a Zune, but you might just get pitied, rather than feared. No, what you really need to do is cram a Sansa Clip into a grenade housing.

Just look at that thing. If I didn’t know what was in it, I’d probably run like hell if I ever saw one. You’ve got ominous buttons, a switch and some sort of cord that’s probably connected to a wireless transmitter that will set off a chain reaction of explosions throughout the city. I really think the guy did a good job with this thing. By opting to use the buttons and switch that he did, it still has that military feel to it. You just have to wonder if he wears this thing on his belt while he’s out jogging.

[ Flickr ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]