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Inscrutable QuantumGravity Watch

Inscrutable QuantumGravity Watch


By Evan Ackerman

This is the Quantum Concord C Lab QuantumGravity watch. I don’t know how it works, and neither does anyone else, but it certainly looks, um, intriguing. I also have no idea how you tell what time it is; I can only assume that there are some bits (like the external case) missing from this picture.

The one feature of this watch that we do know about is an aerial bi-axial Tourbillon mechanism, which is a gizmo that allows the important bits of the watch to freely rotate to keep them properly aligned with respect to gravity as the watch moves. Very cool, but it’s probably not as accurate as the waterproof solar powered atomic syncing watch that Casio gave out for free at its press conference (our lucky reader zedd zero is getting one of those in the mail), but for a purely mechanical watch, I’d imagine it does a pretty good job.

More details (and probably a price with a whole bunch of zeroes on the end) will be released March 26th; in the mean time, you can imagine how unpleasant the 48mm diameter case with a 22mm diameter depth would feel on your wrist and how you don’t really want one anyway.

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