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Cover Flow For Your Living Room

Cover Flow For Your Living Room


By Luke Anderson

Whether you’re a Windows person or a Mac person (or even Linux for that matter), you have to admit that the folks over at Apple have style. When you look at almost any of their products, you can tell that a great deal of time and effort went into making everything look sleek, from the outer shell down to the user interface. I good example is Cover Flow, which lets you browse through your music selection by looking at the cover art of each individual album cover. Well it seems that another designer has decided to take that same idea, and move it into the physical world.

I’m trying to think of the last time that I went to a store and picked up a music CD. Whatever it was, you can bet the case is long gone. Those things are bulky and almost as useless as the disc contained within these days. However, if you’re just dying to show off five of your favorite cases, you could set them on a custom-designed shelf to look like you’re browsing them in cover flow. Thankfully this is only a concept design. First, this look could be achieved without a special shelf, those little grooves aren’t going to do a whole lot. Second, who still owns CD cases?’

VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]