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SoundClip Pumps Up Your iPhone’s Volume

SoundClip Pumps Up Your iPhone’s Volume


By Luke Anderson

Aside from the less-than-stellar camera, one of the other disappointments from my iPhone has been the external speaker. The quality is about as good for sound as the camera is for pictures. I almost never listen to music through it, though I do use it for calls once in a while. Well like any shortcoming for an iPod or iPhone, there’s always someone out there just waiting to make a cheap accessory to fix it. I give you the SoundClip.

This little sucker just clips into the 30-pin connector port of your iphone and situates itself over the speaker. It will then amplify the sound by 10 dB. So as not to lose the tiny gadget when you’re charging it up, you can simply clip the device to your USB cord. So how does this magical creature work? Instead of using some sort of fancy hi-tech electronics, it simply has a conical deflection chamber which concentrates the sound in a single direction. For $8, I’d say it’s certainly worth looking into.

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