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Bulletproof Press Vest Is A Must For CES 2010

Bulletproof Press Vest Is A Must For CES 2010


Dear David,

For next year’s CES, I have some demands. First, a suite at the Wynn. Near the top, with a good view and an open bar. Second, one of those Hummer stretch limos to drive me to the LVCC with a license plate that says OG4EVR. Third, a bulletproof vest that I can wear on the show floor. The Jack Ellis press vest is “designed to provide media representatives with distinctive and comprehensive protection” and is “ideal for extended use in higher risk environments,” and will (hopefully) protect me from being stabbed by PR crazies with USB drives as well as from the impacts of out of control toys. There’s no price listed, and I’m sure it’s not cheap, but I’m worth it, right?


Your faithful editor,


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