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The North Face ETip Gloves

The North Face ETip Gloves

The North Face ETip Gloves (Image courtesy The North Face)
By Andrew Liszewski

Yeah, yeah, I know, another pair of touchscreen-friendly gloves. But these ones are different, trust me. First off, they’re from The North Face, a company who knows how to do cold-weather gear right. Not some fly-by-night operation who promises their gloves will keep you warm, only to have you end up in the emergency room with severe frostbite. They also feature the company’s ‘X-Static’ material on the tips of the thumbs and index fingers which allows you to operate a touch-screen device like the iPhone, without having to take them off. And secondly, that high-tech looking circuit pattern on the palms is actually made from silicon silicone, providing an extra bit of grip so you don’t accidentally drop your toys. At $40 from The North Face website I’m not going to pretend they’re cheap, but you do get your choice of black, black or black color schemes, so it seems totally worth it.

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