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Kana Micro Ultra Minimalist MP3 Players

Kana Micro Ultra Minimalist MP3 Players


By Evan Ackerman

MP3 players don’t get much more barebones than this: the Kana Micro MP3 player has no integrated storage and only 3 buttons. You have to stick a micro SD card in to put anything on it (a 2 gig card is included), and it both syncs and charges its 2 hour battery via a USB port. Not bad for only $16 I guess, but I might be willing to splurge a little bit for something like, you know, a display. Or a bigger battery. Or more storage. Or better colors. I could go on… But I won’t, since the Kana Micro is currently only available in Japan.

[ Kana Micro ] VIA [ Akihabara News ]