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U-Fizz Adds Carbonation To Any Drink

U-Fizz Adds Carbonation To Any Drink


By Luke Anderson

Is it just me, or do drinks taste better when they are carbonated? Take grape soda for example, that’s much better than your run-of-the-mill grape juice. Now granted, one of those two is probably healthier for you than the other (depending on if it’s real juice), so why not add a little carbonation to it? I’m no science whiz, but apparently all it takes is some baking soda, vinegar and one of these funny little u-fizz contraptions.

Apparently you can carbonate just about any liquid you’d like with one of these little suckers. I’m pretty sure that the first thing I’d try would be Jell-o. That would be some pretty cool stuff right there. If your kid needs a science fair project, or you’re bored with your current non-carbonated drinks, then this $7 kit will get you started.

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15 responses to “U-Fizz Adds Carbonation To Any Drink”

  1. Marky G says:

    …Or you could buy a quart of soda water for 60c and pour some into your non-carbonated stuff

  2. Roal says:

    Baking soda & Vinegar make carbon dioxide and that's what you're putting in it πŸ˜›

  3. Roal says:

    Baking soda & Vinegar make carbon dioxide and that's what you're putting in it πŸ˜›

  4. Wondering says:

    Does it actually work though?

  5. Lucas says:

    or you could make this kit yourself….its two caps with some tubing glued on by child slaves πŸ˜›

    actually, if you make this, improve on it by letting the tube hang at the bottom of your beverage, exposing the CO2 to as much fluid as possible. just don't forget to add a vent at the top!

  6. odan says:

    Interesting idea, but considering vinegar and baking soda mixed together make CO2, aka what the carbonated is made of, theres easier methods of making things carbonated without spending 7 dollars on 2 bottle caps and a piece of tube.

  7. Tito says:

    baking soda = washing soda = arm & hammer

    Does this mean you are adding laundry detergent and vinegar to your orange juice? It sounds like it will really mess it up!

  8. CB says:

    baking soda is a common cooking ingredient. so is vinegar. and people use it to brush their teeth. it won't hurt you – CO2 or not.

    *Also… if you get stung by a bee… make a little water and baking soda paste and put it on your sting. it will ease the pain and suck out venom.

  9. Lorenzo says:


    Actually it wouldn't work that way, if you want to carbonate any liquid you have to make it in an air tight environment, co2 passing trough a liquid will do nothing at all, it has to dissolve in to the liquid, no way it will do that if it has an alternative escape route, also it will take some time, i could estimate a couple of hours for the process, maybe even longer.

    When i was a kid i used to blow out corks from bottles with vinegar and baking soda, and i can tell you that if you put the cork on too hard the bottle will…go boom, so you might want to do this in pressure kegs.

    i give you 2 good alternatives, put coolaid in sparkling water (bought)
    or in some stores you can find digestive, or mineral additives that will put the bubbles in for you (it's the equivalent of alkaselzer without the medication)

  10. stephw says:

    you could also use a piece of silicone tubing, which costs about 10 cents a foot at any pet store. simply drill a hole in 2 bottle caps (just slightly smaller than the diameter of the tube) and squish the tube through. as long as the hole is a tiny bit smaller than the tube, it will create an airtight seal.

  11. irkthebige says:

    Now try a yeast/sugar and water concoction, carbonated grape juice + alcohol!

  12. nuff_said says:

    Why am I paying $7 for a few cents worth of plastic tubing?

  13. nuff_said says:

    Why am I paying $7 for a few cents worth of plastic tubing?

  14. Ok i tried that. problem is you get two products. 1 koolaid(sugary water) 2 soda water(bubbly water) you mix the two and get water that is kinda bubbly and kinda sweet.
    dunno bout you but its not as satisfying as real carbonated stuff. then again dunno how well the carbonation works with this, also i'm concerned with the vinegar smell in my drink.

  15. April Kroll says:

    No. You're not putting the baking soda and vinegar IN the juice. That would taste awful.