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And The Winner Of Our CES Swag Giveaway Is…

And The Winner Of Our CES Swag Giveaway Is…


By David Ponce

Zedd Zero, with the comment “Tri-Spec girl”. Congrats Mr. Zero! And also congrats to the Tri-Spec girl. We’re pretty sure she won by what looks like an overwhelming margin. We didn’t actually tally the votes because, to be honest, she doesn’t get anything for winning so… what’s the point? If any of you enterprising lads has an hour to kill, the article is right here.

That said, Tri-Spec girl does have a website, in case you’re curious, and it’s Why the suicide? Seems she’s also a Suicide Girl (somewhat NSFW-y).

Thank you all for participating, and our apologies on the behalf of the atmospheric noise Gods that it wasn’t you who won. Unless of course you’re Mr. Zero.