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VioLight Zapi Cleans Your Nasty Toothbrush

VioLight Zapi Cleans Your Nasty Toothbrush


By Luke Anderson

There’s always been something that bothered me about toothbrushes. You use them to clean your teeth, but how often do you actually clean the toothbrush itself? Sure, you rinse it under the water, but just how good is that? Well if you’re worried about the germs that are leftover on those bristles, you can ease your mind with the VioLight Zapi.

This toothbrush sanitizer, uses powerful UV rays to kill off any germs that may be lurking around. When you’re done brushing your teeth, just set your toothbrush in the little egg-shaped device and it will clean it in minutes. It comes in 4 different colors and will run you just $30.

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