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[CES 2009] Behold Our Awesome Roundup Of CES Booth Babes, And Yes… Another Giveaway!

[CES 2009] Behold Our Awesome Roundup Of CES Booth Babes, And Yes… Another Giveaway!

CES Booth Babes

By David Ponce

So, CES is over. Don’t cry, we’ve done enough of that for all of you over our battered feet and crooked backs in the last few days. Instead, cheer up because here is our super awesome collection of CES booth babes, available for your perusal and more importantly, your vote. Yes, not only can voting elect governments and decide between greasy pizza or nutritious McD’s for the office lunch, but it can now also get you some drool-worthy convention floor swag.

We were able to find 13 beautiful ladies willing to be photographed. But it wasn’t easy. Some were clearly used to this sort of thing while others had to be coaxed and convinced they wouldn’t be sharing space with anyone from the other show (NSFW). Some were easily available for the photo op, while yet others had to be fetched from their resting areas after lengthy discussions with careful executives (*cough*Casio*cough*). We wanted to tell you all this so you’re aware of the effort that goes into something like this. Yeah… It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

So, now, hit the jump to see the girls, find out what you might win and vote!

1. The Blu:Sens Girl.

2. The Isis Dei Girls.
isis dei

3. The X-Rocker Vibe Girl (Go ahead and see if you can find a website)
x rocker vibe

4. The 2XL/Skullcandy Girl.
SkullCandy 2XL

5. The Creative girl.

6. The Logic Wireless LLC girl.
Logic wireless

7. The Casio girl.

8. The Diesel Audio girl.
Diesel Audio

9. The Tri Spec girl.
Tri Spec

10. The JVC girl.

11. The Motevo girl.

12. The Intel girl

13. The OrbitSound girls.

So there you have it, folks. Now, what’s up for grabs and how to win? Read on.

We’re giving away 7.3lbs of showfloor swag. This includes an enormous amount of CES memorabilia: over 30GB’s worth of various flash drives (pre-loaded with press material, lucky you!), an MP3 player, a CES bag given exclusively to the press, a digital luggage scale… Heck, just click on the below picture for a higher resolution version of everything you’re getting.


How to win? Leave a comment voting for your favorite booth babe. Again, don’t spam, or we’ll ban your IP. We’ll pick a random winner from all the entries.

Deadline? We’re leaving the comments open until Wednesday, January 14th, 11:59pm EST.

Who can enter? It’s open to the world. Yes world, you too can get a piece of CES action without having to travel halfway across the planet!