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[CES 2009] Take’s Secret Diary Could Make Tweens Happy.  Maybe.

[CES 2009] Take’s Secret Diary Could Make Tweens Happy. Maybe.


By David Ponce

It’s a flash drive with a numeric keypad that contains software for writing a diary. I’d like to think it’ll attract a certain demographic and I’m also under the impression that this demographic is the tween girl. But here’s the thing: I don’t get these girls. I also don’t believe any tween gals read us, but maybe one of you knows one? So help me out. Do you think they’d like the following?

It’s a 1GB flash drive. It’s protected by a secret code that you have to enter on the numeric keypad before you actually plug the drive in. Once plugged, software is launched that lets the user not only write a diary, but do a bunch of things like: read fortune cookies, interpret dreams, help you get inspired to write, etc. The encryption is military grade and the internal chip covered in epoxy, making a physical break-in impossible. It’s $60 and available from a few retailers.

So… If this something tween girls will like, or just toss in a drawer after mom buys it for them excitedly next Christmas?

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