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[CES 2009] Solio Mono Solar Charger

[CES 2009] Solio Mono Solar Charger


By Evan Ackerman

I guess I must have found the Greener Gadgets section of CES, because Solio and PowerFilm were right next to each other. How convenient. Solio’s new Mono is basically just one single leaf of their hybrid charger that I reviewed back in April. So it works exactly the same way, with an onboard battery charged by the sun or a wall jack (or car or USB port) depending on how green you’re feeling and how much time you’ve got. A set of adapters gets power from the Solio into your device. Solio suggests that you use the Mono as an emergency power supply (it’s got enough power to fully charge the average cell phone once), and you can buy a little LED flashlight that plugs right into it, too.

The Solio Mono is $60, and the light tip is $20, available now online and at places like REI.

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