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Cell-Mate Straps A Phone To Your Head

Cell-Mate Straps A Phone To Your Head


By Luke Anderson

When you go to a big show like CES you tend to see a lot of really cool products. Then you come upon those that just make you cringe. You wonder whether or not the people on the other side of the table are crazy, since they are showing off something absurd. Case in point: The Cell Mate.

Now I’m not at the show myself, so maybe these things seem better in person, but just looking at the pictures is enough. I’m all for handsfree devices, but this thing is not the way to go about it. If you’re having serious issues with reception a Bluetooth headset, you need to buy a new one. Please, don’t waste your money on this thing, that is unless you actually get some sort of enjoyment from complete strangers (not to mention friends and family) laughing at you.

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