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[CES 2009] S1 Audio’s BudBuds and NxSETs Are Both Innovative And A Beating Waiting To Happen

[CES 2009] S1 Audio’s BudBuds and NxSETs Are Both Innovative And A Beating Waiting To Happen


By David Ponce

S1 Audio, a new company with no actual product on the market yet (this comes in Q1 ’09) makes a set of headphones that are interesting for all sorts of reasons. I’ll focus here on two. First, the good (pictured above).

The BudBud headphones feature some really innovative design. They allow you to share your music easily by virtue of the fact that each bud carries… another bud within it. Should your friend want to listen in on your stuff, just detach each of the conjoined buds and hand them over. The device even features separate volume controls. If my memory is correct, this goes for $40 (like a dumbass, I lost my notes. I’ll update later with correct pricing if I’m wrong).


The not so good now. The NxSET series of headphones are meant to wrap around your neck, and project your music up to your ears. Sure, it lets you still hear your environment, reducing your odds of an unpleasant car-face encounter… But they do increase your odds of a fist-face encounter dramatically. Especially if you plan on listening to this on a crowded public transport vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, there definitely is a market for these, I just don’t know that I want to hang with that crowd. Prices vary depending on what options they have, which are all clearly explained in one of the two press releases I’m pasting after the jump.

The BudBud Release (Crappy formatting due to PDF to text clipping issues.)
CES, LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2009 – S1 Audio, makers of innovative MP3 and mobile phone
accessories, today introduced its BudBud dual function earbud series to deliver a unique mobile
communication and audio experience through patented design.
Designed with a focus on comfort, convenience and shareability, BudBud products eliminate the need for
multiple headsets, earphones, splitters and cords when using MP3 players or music-enabled mobile
phones. Each product in the BudBud line provides exceptional comfort for extended wearing periods while
delivering a stylish option to meet consumer demands.
Models include:
• BudBud Solo – The first and only mono communications headset that converts to stereo
earbuds allowing users to forgo an extra set of earbuds and rely on a single device. Using a
patented, ergonomic design, a second earbud is piggy-backed onto the primary bud for dual ear
listening when separated.
• BudBud MP3 – Converts easily from a single pair of earbuds to two complete pairs through a unique
piggy-back design, enabling consumers to conveniently share their music with friends.
• BudBud Mobile – Like the BudBud MP3, BudBud Mobile converts from a single pair to two pairs of
earbuds for playing and sharing media. It also includes a high performance microphone for use with a
mobile phone.
“BudBud products enhance the way people interact with their mobile devices,” said Chris Gantz, CEO of
S1 Audio. “Traditional music and mobile devices require various accessories to fully function, and they
limit our ability to share and socialize. Each BudBud product combines the functionality of these
accessories to eliminate the hassle of extra products and cords while making it easier to share media with
All BudBud products feature a soft-to-touch comfortable elastomer covering that can be worn for longer
periods of time without the discomfort typically caused by hard case plastic earbuds.

The NxSET Release
Product Challenges Conventional Headphone Design for Better Comfort and Shareability
CES, LAS VEGAS – January 8, 2009 – S1 Audio, makers of innovative MP3 and mobile phone
accessories, today introduced the complete NxSET product series, featuring a revolutionary, around-theneck
design for better comfort and an easier way to share personal media. The NxSET product series
includes, Music 1 and Music 2 for use with portable music devices, and Mobile 1 and Mobile 2 for use
with mobile phones.
Designed as a sleek and light-weight neckband, NxSET products move the traditional headset to the
shoulders, where two integrated speakers on either side of the device project sound up to the user?s ears,
providing full fidelity stereo sound and comfort. At higher volumes, NxSET can be placed in a common
area to easily share music or a phone conversation with multiple people.
“The design concept of headphones has remained largely unchanged for the last 50 years, even while our
personal needs and usage has evolved tremendously – style, extended wear, easy sharing and high
mobility are paramount today,” said Chris Gantz, CEO of S1 Audio. “The NxSET platform revitalizes the
idea of social and mobile listening while affording users unparalleled comfort, even through long listening
Models include:
• NxSET Music 1 – Includes two high-fidelity speakers that project audio to the ears when worn
around the neck. When the volume is increased, the device can be used as a miniature and
highly portable speaker system.
• NxSET Music 2 – Similar to the Music 1 model with the addition of retractable earbuds for
entirely private listening.
• NxSET Mobile 1 – Designed to work with mobile phones, this model includes a single speaker
and retractable earbud along with high performance microphone to replicate an off-the-head
mobile headset. CSR BlueCore™5 Bluetooth™ technology is incorporated to eliminate the need
for cords.
• NxSET Mobile 2 – Similar to Mobile 1, this device is designed with music-enabled phones in
mind and features two personal speakers where users can switch between stereo phone headset
and listening to streaming stereo functionality without cords, thanks to CSR BlueCore™5
Bluetooth™ technology. The device also includes two retractable earbuds for completely private
Music 1 and 2 are powered by two AA batteries, while Mobile 1 and 2 feature built-in rechargeable batteries.
NxSET products have an internal audio amplifier to deliver rich bass and clear, crisp middle- and high-range
sound. They also have dual flex points allowing users to customize fit without losing the unique style of the
accessory. All models include on-board volume control, mute and multiple music play/forward functions while
the Mobile versions also include send/end call button. The patented design keeps the user?s head and ears
“gear free” for a uniquely comfortable audio experience.

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