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[CES 2009] Flatwire – The Sexy Solution To Home Wiring

[CES 2009] Flatwire – The Sexy Solution To Home Wiring


By David Ponce

Something has got to be said about a useful product that’s able to convincingly double as a “fashion accessory” on the barely-there outfit of a booth babe. Questionable (but not entirely ineffective or unenjoyable) marketing tactics aside, FlatWire makes some amazing products that make me wish I’d have a few large to drop on a home entertainment system. Like the name sort of implies, these guys make flat wires. But I mean, really, really flat. They gave me a sample of 18 gauge electrical wire, and it’s paper thin.

So when you’re wiring pretty much anything in your home (audio equipment, home theater setup, etc.), instead of drilling holes in your walls, knocking down potentially load-bearing studs to get your cables out of view… use flat wires. Stick them on your wall, put a little plaster over them, and paint. No one will ever know they’re there.

You could argue that laying some plaster and painting is almost as labor intensive as drilling holes… but what happens when you’re faced with a brick wall? In any case, it’s nice to have options, and Flat Wire definitely impressed me with their product.

And no, not just because of the booth babe.

Prices vary depending of length and type of cable needed, but of course you’ll be paying a bit of a premium. Nothing outlandish though: 25ft of 18 gauge speaker wires will set you back $38 for instance. Not cheap, but this ain’t no Monster cables.

[ FlatWire ]

P.S. The booth babe didn’t hurt though.