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[CES 2009] Zivio Boom, From The Makers Of The Gorrilapod

[CES 2009] Zivio Boom, From The Makers Of The Gorrilapod

By David Ponce

A $130 Bluetooth headset with an extendable boom. There you have it. That’s the Zivio Boom right there.

No, really.

Perhaps this is a little underwhelming considering Joby, the company that makes the Zivio Boom also makes the truly innovative Gorrilapod. Next to that, the Zivio Boom is a bit of a letdown.

Still, to be fair, it does have a couple interesting features. Alleged 10h talk time for one. Or the fact that it comes with a set of interchangeable earpieces and an optional ear loop for a custom fit. I also remember the lady mentioning something about the casing made out of stainless steel and them being the only company that does that, but at that point I was too busy trying to snag a free sample to really pay attention. I do remember her saying that the extendable boom had the advantage of being able to isolate your voice really well. I don’t doubt that for a second; the thing practically sits in your mouth. At least… her mouth.

If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth headset, and you don’t mind looking like you’re about to eat a tiny metal straw that comes out your ear, the Zivio Boom is perfect for you.

Full press release after the jump.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — August 11, 2008 — Joby, Inc., a leading developer of innovative consumer electronics accessories, launches the Zivio Boom™, a stylish, high performance wireless headset. The Zivio features a revolutionary extendable microphone designed for superior sound quality. It is the perfect accessory for today’s multi-tasking “lifeaholics”, allowing them to maximize their always-on, every-moment-must-be-utilized lives. The Zivio Boom is available exclusively at

Featuring a sleek design, the Zivio comes with a set of interchangeable earpieces and an optional ear loop for a custom fit. Much more than a pretty face, the Zivio also impresses the inner geek with Bluetooth® 2.1, and has a whopping 10 hours of talk time. Joby is also a member of 1% for the Planet, so users can talk, drive, and drink a latte, all while saving the world. Talk about multi-tasking.

“The Zivio Boom was borne out of my frustration with all of the available headsets on the market. I needed a headset that would enable me to hear and be heard in noisy environments, fit my ear securely and comfortably, have a long battery life, and actually look good. The Zivio team set out to design that very headset,” said JoeBen Bevirt, founder of Joby. “After extensive development, we are thrilled to launch a headset created for the lifeaholic in each of us.”

To purchase your Zivio or for more information please visit the official website at

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