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It’s A Banana Bonanza!

It’s A Banana Bonanza!

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been at the store and decided to buy a few bananas, only to find them rotten by the time you finally decide to eat them? Well if that’s the case, you need a better way to store them. I’ve heard of a few different ways to keep them fresh longer, but I doubt that any is better than just leaving them to be picked whenever you’re ready. That’s right, just grow them yourself with a Banana Bonanza kit.

The thought of growing bananas had honestly never crossed my mind. If this sounds like a perfect plan to you, and you don’t mind having a 20-25-foot tall plant growing in your backyard. Also, I’m sure that you’ll need to take into consideration the conditions under which banana plants thrive. If you meet these two requirements, then you’ll be pleased to know that for just $10 you can get started. If bananas aren’t your thing, they also sell a similar kit for peanuts.

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