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[CES 2009] CES Unveiled – We’ve Arrived, So Has CNN, And The Whole World

By David Ponce

The madness begins.

This here is Nicole Lapin from CNN, on the showfloor of CES Unveiled (a pre-CES event where manufacturers show you their stuff before the actual show). She’s here along with what looks like the entire planet: throngs of sweaty reporters with ginormous DSLRs sticking out their chests, elbowing their way to overcrowded booths; slick reps trying their best to convince you that the new coat of paint they’ve put on their product somehow repositions them favorably in a dismally competitive market. While this is going on, an endless stream of waiters constantly refills tables with food fit for a king. Booze is plentiful, and before you know it, like Jason Alexander and Britney Spears, the world’s press has been seduced.

That’s not to say there aren’t any cool things here. Innovation is alive, somewhere, and we’re going to try and dig it up for you. Stay tuned!