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[CES 2009] Wii jOG Makes Gaming Even More Work

[CES 2009] Wii jOG Makes Gaming Even More Work

By Evan Ackerman

It’s entirely possible to play Wii while sedentary just by swingin’ your arms around. And it’s great. You still get that sense of accomplishment like there was some exercise involved somewhere while in reality embracing your inherent laziness. The jOG aims to destroy all that by forcing you to actually get up and, well, jog. You attach the jOG to your controller via a cable and clip the jOG unit to your pants, and the jOG takes over the joystick input on your Wii (or PS2). If you want your character to move, you need to physically start to jog. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? It’s coming stateside soon (from the UK) for something like $25.

If you’re confused as to how it works, there’s a vid after the jump.

[ jOG-S21 ]