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[CES 2009] Powermat Wireless Charging

[CES 2009] Powermat Wireless Charging

By Evan Ackerman

Last year we saw a couple different stabs at wireless power, including WildCharge, PowerCast, and eCoupled. Power cords suck, and with the potentially beneficial establishment of a Wireless Power Consortium, we’re all hoping that we can do away with those horrible betanglements behind our desks sooner rather than later. Powermat has a consumer solution ready to go, with the familiar hardware combination of a non-conductive charging mat and adapters for various devices. You can either plug (!) your gadget into a Powermat enabled dock, plug (!) it into an adapter which gets placed on a Powermat, or equip it with a case with an integrated Powermat receiver:

Powermat is also apparently able to transmit data through the same system, allowing the transfer of audio and video at unspecified rates, which could be neat. But, the big question is when will wireless charging capability be integrated into the devices themselves, and Powermat’s obligatory answer is that they’re “working on it.” I dunno, guys… I’m a little bit worried that until that actually happens, the rest of us (i.e. the consumer base) are just going to suck it up and keep plugging stuff in rather than have to buy a bunch of expensive adapters.

The mat part of the Powermat system will hit retail in Q4 for about $100, and the adapters will go for between $25 and $35 each.

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