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Transparent Duct Tape Is Like Something Out Of Star Trek IV

Transparent Duct Tape Is Like Something Out Of Star Trek IV

Scotch Transparent Duct Tape (Images courtesy The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

Though we wouldn’t notice the hiccup in our timeline if they had, I suspect a group of futuristic space explorers have recently traveled back in time to our era in the hopes of rescuing a particular species that’s not only on the road to extinction, but also serves as an important plot point. But because we’ve yet to invent the necessary transparent aluminum they required, they had to improvise and reveal to 3M their secrets for making transparent duct tape instead. Which in my opinion, is a far more impressive innovation.

Thankfully this wonder material is now available to everyone with $4 in their pocket and the need to shortcut a home or automotive repair. While it’s not 100% transparent (yet!) 3M’s Transparent Duct Tape is far more subtle than the traditional shiny gray sheen of regular duct tape, which should help hide the fact that you never got around to properly re-attaching your car’s bumper.

[ Scotch Transparent High Performance Duct Tape ] VIA [ The Green Head ]