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Live Dream Gerbil-Sized Rock Band Stage

Live Dream Gerbil-Sized Rock Band Stage

By Evan Ackerman

You might think that gerbils have no innate musical talent. You’d be wrong. Maybe. The real problem is just that we don’t give them the opportunity to express themselves with little tiny guitars and keyboards and drum kits. Sega Toys has come through with the Live Dream (“No Music No Live!”) rock band stage, featuring tiny little instruments on a tiny little stage complete with speakers and coordinated lighting effects. The instruments include guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, and drums with the rock set, or sax, bass, piano, and drums with the jazz set. You select what song you want to hear with the remote control, and then decide what instruments you want to play when by placing them on the sensor enabled stage:

Each set comes with a bunch of songs on an SD card (in a proprietary format, of course) including classics such as Eye of the Tiger and Ghostbusters, and more are downloadable over the internet if you just can’t get enough. I honestly have no idea what the appeal of this is or why you would want one (unless you have pet gerbils), especially for the price of $307.

[ Japantrends ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]


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