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Improved Cement Is Worth Posting About

Improved Cement Is Worth Posting About

By Evan Ackerman

Did you know that 5% of all carbon dioxide emissions come from cement? Me neither. That’s more than the entire aviation industry. It kinda sucks. But, the Brits are (as per usual) looking out for the rest of the world, and an engineering firm called Novacem has developed a more eco-friendly type of cement. Novacem’s new cement mix uses magnesium silicates that absorb, rather than emit, CO2. As the cement hardens, it actually absorbs as much as 60% of its weight in greenhouse gas, even accounting for the processes used to make the cement in the first place. The Novacem cement is currently undergoing testing, and is expected to be on the market within 5 years.

[ Guardian ] VIA [ Neatorama ]


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