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Floppy Disks Finally Become Useful Again

Floppy Disks Finally Become Useful Again

By Luke Anderson

I started my computing days at the very end of the original floppy disk era. My grandpa had an old DOS machine with a few games on 5.25-inch floppies, and the school computers still used them for a bit. However, kids these days barely remember the smaller, less floppy disks, let alone the original. If you want to show your love of outdated technology (and get some strange looks from your kids’ friends), then check out these Floppy Disk Coasters.

The amazing thing about these coasters is that they will actually store data more reliably than a real 5.25-inch floppy (zing!). Well, I suppose if you condense your data into a liquid form, these would hold it pretty well. These are made from EcoSpun felt, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. You can get a set of four with a storage case for $28. You can even choose from 17 different colors.

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