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Find Decaf Impostors With These Handy Strips

Find Decaf Impostors With These Handy Strips

By Luke Anderson

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a Mountain Dew addict. I’ve honestly considered trying to see if I can order the stuff directly from a distributer, rather than by going through my local supermarket. Yes, I know that it’s bad for me, and that I should at the very least switch to the caffeine-free kind, but that would defeat the purpose (not to mention taste disgusting), wouldn’t it? Well if you’re a health nut, or just have your own reasons for not wanting any caffeine in your diet, you might be surprised to know that many beverages that tout a lack of caffeine might actually contain the very thing you’re trying to avoid. So how do you spot the impostors? With a simple test.

Sure, you could lug around someone that is highly allergic to the stuff and make them try everything before you drink it. However, that course of action probably isn’t the best way to learn the truth. What you should do instead is pick up a pack of these Caffeine Test Strips. These little suckers can tell you just how much caffeine your beverage contains. You just dip one into the beverage (you’ll need to separate some out from your cup, as contact with the strip can contaminate the liquid) and wait for about 30 seconds for a result. The strips come in packs of 20, and cost around $10.

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