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Yet Another Cellphone Bluetooth GamePad

Yet Another Cellphone Bluetooth GamePad

BGP100 Bluetooth Gamepad (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Oh look! Another bluetooth gaming pad designed specifically for cellphones! Usually I ignore stuff like this, since cellphones haven’t exactly matured into the greatest of gaming devices (though the iPhone is trying) but this particular gamepad features a rather clever design.

The BGP100 supports a number of smartphone platforms including Windows Mobile, PocketPC and even Symbian UIQ, and features a unique twisting design allowing it to attach to a variety of phones up to 55mm (2.16 inches) wide. And if your phone happens to be too large to accomodate the BGP100, it can also be used as a standalone gamepad when folded up. It’s powered by a single AAA battery which gives you about 3.5 hours of continuous use, and includes a bi-color LED for indicating the bluetooth connection and power status. And you can pick one up for about $88 (AU $128.45) from

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