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Send Your Friends Some Air Mail

Send Your Friends Some Air Mail

By Luke Anderson

I always thought that whoever came up with the idea for a postcard was a genius. It’s a cool picture of something, it’s also a place to jot down a quick note and still functions as a piece of mail. Sure, you don’t want to go writing anything private on there, but it works well enough when you want to point out that you’re somewhere much warmer than the recipient. Well I think I’ve discovered a piece of mail that’s actually cooler than a postcard (well, cool as far as postal mail can get).

This piece of balsa wood is perfect for jotting down a note, much like the postcard. However, instead of having a picture of something, it will turn into a plane. I’m sure that most people had a toy plane similar to this one as a kid. You can get one for around 8 bucks, but you might want to check with your post office to see if you’ll need any extra postage.

[ Suck ] VIA [ GearFuse ]