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Climbing UP Suitcase Uses Tank-like Treads

Climbing UP Suitcase Uses Tank-like Treads

Climbing UP Suitcase (Images courtesy Woo Moonhyung)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it’s obviously just a concept at this time (and will probably forever remain that way) the Climbing UP suitcase designed by Woo Moonhyung tackles the issue of dragging your heavy luggage across uneven surfaces and even up stairs. Instead of using a single set of wheels or casters on the bottom, the Climbing UP suitcase features a set of free-wheeling rubber belt tracks that cover the entire body of the suitcase. The design not only allows you to easily pull a suitcase up a flight of stairs, but the continuous track means you can also pull the suitcase from the front or back. And since it’s not a motorized system, there’s minimal added weight or size. It’s a pretty clever idea which actually won Woo Moonhyung the 2008 red dot design concept award. So maybe the idea might actually become a reality some day.

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