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Rubik’s Cube Lamp Is Colorful, Potentially Frustrating

Rubik’s Cube Lamp Is Colorful, Potentially Frustrating

By Evan Ackerman

We’ve had the occasional post about gadgets related to Rubik’s Cubes, and most of them are, to some extent, entirely useless. Why useless? Well, you get them, you mess them up, and then unless you’re really really smart (or a robot), they stay messed up and just sit on a shelf somewhere and depress you when you look at them. This Rubik’s Cube lamp (designed by Eric Pautz) is a little bit different in that it is arguably better looking once messed up, since it gives it a nice multicolored effect as opposed to being all conformist and boring. And you can always re-randomize it… And hey, if you re-randomize it enough times, you’ll eventually end up with a solved cube, although the odds of that are not great, considering that there are more potential combinations than there are atoms in the known universe.

This lamp may only be a concept for now, but if you want something Rubik’s-y that lights up, you can always get one of these instead.

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