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Trans-Siberian Orchestra + Christmas Lights = As Good A Way As Any To Spend Christmas Day

By Andrew Liszewski

Having neither the motivation nor the necessary real estate to set up my own over-the-top, synced-to-music Christmas lights display, I’m forced to rely on others who are kind enough to post clips of their setups on YouTube. This time, it’s over 54,000 lights synced to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s (who seem to be the unofficial soundtrack for Christmas lights) Christmas Eve In Sarajevo. Please to enjoy…

[ YouTube – Christmas Lights – TSO – Christmas Eve in Sarajevo ] VIA [ The Gadget Blog ]

  • HAL_9000

    very cool. here's another neat one

  • Tekjock

    I love this stuff … Come see houses like this on my site and vote on them

  • Anal_Avenger

    It sucks so bad that major song that pushed this group so far into the mainstream is the one song of theirs that was actually recorded by another band and released almost 10 years prior to this one.

    TSO was just a culmination of the previous band members and got together with other musicians to put out their Xmas music.

    Christmas Eve in Sarajevo was first released by Savatage on the progressive metal album, Dead Winter Dead back in 1995.

  • Rectal_Enforcer

    Correction A_Avenger.

    It was first released on Dead Winter Dead only 3 years prior to it being re-released under the TSO name.

    You been tokin' again?

  • opalclaw

    That video is too seizure inducing for me – I prefer a local light show with 50,000 lights. Here is the address to their 2008 videos:
    (I was hoping they would add a video for their “Linus and Lucy” program…maybe soon?)

    If you are in the SF bay area, it's worthwhile to come and watch the lights while listening to their FM transmission (until New Years) on 100.7FM. Their main page:

  • David Rent

    veeeeeeeery nice!