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Spy Shot Supposedly Depicts iPhone Nano

Spy Shot Supposedly Depicts iPhone Nano

By Luke Anderson

I love my iPhone 3G, but I will admit that it was a pricey investment. There have been rumors flying around about price drops and even a smaller version of the phone for some time now. Well with Macworld coming up next month, the rumors are really heating up. The most interesting thing I’ve seen is this supposed spy shot of a new iPhone Nano.

The picture looks convincing enough, and reminds me of something I’d expect to see projected on a giant screen behind Steve Jobs (even though he won’t actually be giving his usual keynote speech this year). Granted, it does look like they simply scaled-down the image of the iPhone 3G and adjusted the screen to fit. Also, I wonder just how well the current apps would work on a smaller screen. What do you guys think, would you pay a lesser price for a smaller iPhone?

VIA [ GearFuse ]