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OGCC Day 24 – Classic Star Trek Nutcrackers

OGCC Day 24 – Classic Star Trek Nutcrackers

Classic Star Trek Nutcrackers (Image courtesy What on Earth)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 24 (Image property OhGizmo!)The Star Wars universe is well represented in the land of nutcrackers, but oddly enough, it’s only recently that Trekkies have gotten their chance to crack open a walnut via their beloved Star Trek characters.

From What on Earth comes these Star Trek Kirk and Spock nutcrackers that each stand 12 inches tall. They’re hand-painted, crafted from real wood and even feature authentic trekkian details like a communicator in Kirk’s hand and Spock giving the “live long and prosper” gesture. But at $34.95 each, you probably won’t want to use either of them for actually cracking open any nuts.

[ Classic Star Trek Nutcrackers ] VIA [ IO9 ]