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Sterilize Your Cutlery With A UV Knife Block

By Luke Anderson

I was happy when I finally moved out of my parents’ house. Sure, having my independence was great and all, but it meant that I no longer had to do dishes by hand. The first place that I moved into had a dishwasher, which was the main reason that I picked the place that I did. Sure, I still give the dishes a nice pre-rinse if they need them, but for the most part, it just toss them in there and forget about them. When it’s all filled up, I just squirt in the detergent and let it do its thing. I’m content that the scalding hot water blasts away any germs that were left on the dishes. However, if you’re particularly worried about your knives, you can always get this UV knife block.

I’m assuming this is for people that don’t want to run their knives through the dishwasher for some reason. I suppose then that you could clean your knives the old fashioned way, then pop them in this handy knife block for extra germ-killing power. They are blasted with the same UV-C light that is used to sterilize hospital instruments. That’s a good way to scare off your dinner guests. Just let them know that your knife is clean enough to operate with. One of these will set you back around $40.

[ Hammacher ] VIA [ Dvice ]

  • A-rod

    Wow! just as cool as when you guys first wrote about this 2 months ago.

    Dude do you even read your own site??

  • Pietje666

    Still it is cheaper now
    It was 90 dollars and it is 40 dollars
    So maybe they did but still nice to know it's whole lot cheaper

  • HAL_9000

    not bad for 40 bucks

  • Adam Fields

    First of all, you should never run your knives through the dishwasher – doing so will really destroy the edge on them. Second, even if you did, most dishwashers don't reach sterilization temperatures. Third, this is incredibly paranoid and no one needs UV knife sterilizer, the exception maybe being if you're immunocompromised. Fourth, if you're that scared of foodborne illnesses, you should probably look into buying less contaminated food.

  • johnson yip

    Good idea, I like how the box kind of looks like a Xbox 360

  • johnson yip

    Good idea, I like how the box kind of looks like a Xbox 360

  • johnson yip

    Good idea, I like how the box kind of looks like a Xbox 360