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Blast Knuckles Will Do Some Serious Damage

Blast Knuckles Will Do Some Serious Damage

By Luke Anderson

I live in a decent sized city, though when compared with a major metropolis such as New York or LA, it seems rather small. It’s not the sort of place that you worry about walking down the street alone at night, as crime is pretty low. I’ve never even thought to carry any sort of self-protection device, and I hope to never have the need for one. Well if you are in the market for one, you might take a look at these Blast Knuckles.

These seriously sound like something out of a video game. Just imagine a set of brass knuckles with a built in taser. Instead of shooting little spikes at someone and shocking them, you’ll punch them and they’ll get 950,000 volts blasted into them. I have no idea just how many volts it takes to kill a man, but I can bet that if someone’s heart stopped, one good jolt from this would definitely give it a kick-start. Pick yours up for just $50.

[ SportsmansGuide ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

  • rev_g33k

    its amps not volts that kill a person

    you could have a million volts at .001 amp and you would not die.

    on the other hand 12 volts at 5 amps has the potential to kill you

  • asdasdas

    Not voltage, current kills.

  • TimO

    Actually, it only takes about .7 – .9amps to kill you…..

    Yep, voltage doesn't do it.

  • QFT

    That sort of amperage is rarely fatal, since the current measured over the heart will generally not be enough for sustained fibrillation. 10 amps is what might be considered “reliably” fatal. Though anything above 10mA will be a memorable experience.

  • i hate fags

    You are all FAGS

  • Rimka


  • johny doser

    it would take seconds to stun. biggest gimmick [sic] ever.

  • a guy

    voltage doesn't kill amperage does

  • ddmao

    Hey genius, voltage doesn't kill…

  • ggwe

    $50? Anybody can have one! Even your attacker…

  • ggwe

    $50? Anybody can have one! Even your attacker…