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We’re Giving Away Three Tokyoflash Watches!

By David Ponce

Those of you reading OhGizmo! for a while will know we’re big fans of Tokyoflash watches. The impossibly difficult to read timepieces are as much of a geek’s badge of honor than a stylish wristwatch, and they make the best conversation starters. So, in the spirit of the Holidays, and in partnership with Tokyoflash, we’re giving away three watches… of your choice!

This contest is a little different than our previous ones, so pay attention to the details below.

How to win?: Answer the following question: “Which Tokyoflash watch would be perfect for your next space expedition?” The answer can be found at Tokyoflash’s website. When you think you know the answer, email it to “ohgizmo [at] tokyoflash [dot] com”. In the email, you can also state which watch you’d like to get, should you be one of the winners. 3 winners will be selected at random.

Who can enter?: This is open to the world.

When does it end?: Emails will not be counted after midnight, December 24th, EST. The winner will be announced the following day, the 25th, Christmas.

Once again, Happy Holidays!