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POMERA DM10 Pocket Word Processor

POMERA DM10 Pocket Word Processor

Digital Memo POMERA DM10 (Image courtesy King Jim)
By Andrew Liszewski

When you’re trying to write the next great novel, a laptop full of games, web browsers and other distractions isn’t the most productive tool. So if you live in Japan at the moment, you might instead opt for the POMERA DM10 which is a dedicated word processor that’s easy to travel with. It features a laptop-sized fold-up keyboard and a 4-inch monochrome LCD display with a 640×480 VGA resolution. The screen also features a backlight for writing in the dark, and at the smallest font setting it can display 17 lines of text with 26 characters per line.

Everything you write is stored as a basic .TXT file, which can be saved to a MicroSD card or transferred to your PC via USB. I’m not sure how much formatting one can apply given the lack of mouse or trackpad for highlighting text, but the basic nature of the device does allow it to run for almost 20 hours on just a single pair of AAA batteries. It’s currently available in Japan for about $300+ (27,300 YEN) but there’s no info on an international release at this time.

[ King Jim Digital Memo POMERA DM10 ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]